JDM Car Mart: How it all started?

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JDM Car Mart: How it all started?

The story goes back to 2019 when we recenlty bough toyota passo and decided to add bodykits to enhance its look and modify it slightly. When we started to search for its bodyktis we found it really hard to get the exact style we were looking for and almost texted all vendors but common reply was no and those who had it demanded 9-10k which was clearly no from our side as it didnt justified its cost and we also didn’t had this much budget. After months of search we finally found it just for 6500 and so ordered it. The difficulty we faced in all this time was what motivated us to start a business with aim to provide unique car accessories with utmost ease of access

 This event marked the start of desire to develop an ecommerce store with aim of having almost all cars bodykits and that too at most reasonable affordable price. So with this facebook page Car Modification and Bodykit House was formed on 10 July 2019. The first order

At first we decided to source bodykits from the one from whom we bought but he was not cooperative and didnt gave us wholesale price.Then we started manufacturing bodykits in wah cantt and friend’s factory and delivered first online order from there but at that time we had some problems in manufacturing so decided to at first buy from someone else and learn how it is made perfectly. 

Suddenly, we came accross another vendor whom I found was orignal supplier to all others and his prices were comparatively much lower than others. He gave us wholesale prices and supported us at many times.Despite being in different cities, he dispatched all orders and all dealings were done on whatsapp. There conduct really inspired me and till now I try to copy dealing attitude of their owner.

Today, we are commuinity of 70,000+ Followers on facebook together with 1 Retail Outlet in Rawalpindi National Market. Currently we have a bodykit manufacturing site in Peshawar and Rawalpindi and we have now become one of the leading suppliers of Fiber Bodykits in Pakistan to both shopkeepers and end users which to me is a great achivement. We also import front splitters and side cannards and suppy them all over pakistan.

We at JDM modify, restyle and transform your car into the piece of art which you had never imagined so visit us now or click the whatsapp button at your right. We would like to thank all of you who always supported us and helped us grow.

Muhammad Bilal and Muhammad Ibrahim


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