All You Need To Know About Body Kits


Honda Civic X Mugen Body Kit

In this article we are gonna tell you everything you need to know about bodykits. Like really every inch of it!!

  • What is bodykits?
  • How are they made?
  • What is included in bodykits?
  • How to install them?
  • What to look for in Good Bodykit ?
  • Possible scams in bodykits
  • Rumors about fiber bodykits?
  • Plastic Vs Fiber Body Kits
  • Why Buy Bodykit from JDM Car Mart?

What is Body Kits?

Body Kits are the additional external bumper lips which are commonly used to enhance the car appearance like transform it from ugly to sporty look. They usually include a kit for front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts and in some cases may also include a spoiler but it depends upon seller so make sure to check what a seller has included in it. They add to appearance of your car and make it look wide, longer, sporty and unique in some way- gives a custom look according to what you want. There are different kinds of bodykits but we are gonna discuss that somewhere else 😉

How are they made?

Bodykits basically comes in 2 types of material and further there are different varieties in them. The two basic materials are:

  1. Plastic
  2. Fiber

The plastic bodykits comes in ABS Plastic, China Plastic, Taiwan Plastic and many others but let me tell you its scam in Pakistan 😁 THEY ALL ARE MADE IN CHINA MOSTLY but just branding is different to charge you heavy chunks and fool you.

In Fiber the bodykits are made from fiberglass material which is highly flexible which it suitable for use in making of bodykit. They are made in moulds called dyes with different chemicals and fiber layering on them which brings its classifications as double layer and triple layer and more ( higher the layers higher the strength but excess of anything is harmful as it could make it highly inflexible so get damage and cracked on small hits).

Later the pros and cons of each type of bodykit has been discussed

What is included in bodykit?

As told earlier, complete set of bodykit includes:

  1. Front Kit
  2. Back Kit
  3. Side Skirts

As standard these all pieces are in unpainted condition but can be painted in some cases but here is a pro tip never go for painted kits when ordering online because there are high chances of wear and tear during delivery which would possibly damage the paint and you will need to pay double for paint and repair. Also paint plays the most important role in the end result of any kit so make sure to match the colour exactly.

How to install bodykit?

Bodykits can be installed with double tape, silicone, ribbets and screws etc. It depends upon bodykit fitting and quality and customer budget.

We recommend to use double tape, rubber and screws combination because it allows to give best possible fitting with no risk of lose fitting and possibility of hovering or dangling

What to look for in Good Bodykit?

A good bodykit is the one which is highly flexible and with appropriate thickness and too much thickness could lead to huge gaps in bumper and kit so could lead to water dipping in so worn out both bumper and kit so buy bodykit from JDM Car Mart which are of exact and appropriate thickness which are highly durable and flexible so ensure long life. 

Possible Scams in Body Kits.

As mentioned earlier, there are different scams people do in quality of bodykits like mentioning ABS Plastic bodykit while in actual they are china made plastic. Although, they are also of good quality but sellers use this to charge higher price only and this is unethical as correct information is not given and customers are not given what they are told actually so its unlawful and fraudulent. 

Similar incidents happen in fiber bodykits where customers tell us someone is quoting them seven or eight layer fiber kit which is not even possible because we are even supplier of some 😂. They only use this to charge hefty price and so attract them to pay higher price while we at JDM Car Mart are totally opposite. We explicitly mention that our fiber bodykits are made up of Double and Triple Layer Fiberglass Material and additional potein layer with astr is also sprayed to increase bodykits durability and strength so our bodykits are completely value for money.

Rumors about fiber bodykits.

Fiber body kits have always faced conflict of opinion due to different people experience or just speculation in market without even trying themselves.

  1. They get cracked easily

The most common rumor is that they get broken on just small hits which is not true. Bodykits quality has also evolved greatly and today bodykits are not that weak like of old times. The different layers of fiber matt and other material has increased the flexibility of the fiberglass bodykits which allow it to bear greater level of pressure and in some cases we have witnessed bodkits being like untouched while bumper has got broken in accident

2. Rough finishing issue

Many people complaint that bodykit finishing is not good but this problem is not in bodykit but from paint side. If the painter has worked well and has leveled all pieces then there is no way that end finishing is rough. Make sure to get high quality paint coated on kit and it will give you finishing just like plastic bodykit

3. They cannot be installed with double tape.

Fiber bodykits can also be installed with double tape but its expensive due to which many people don’t choose to use it and instead go for screw fitting which is far more secure, solid and firm

Plastic Vs Fiber Bodykit

Bodykits allows to gives your car a new sporty look which help improve not only its appearance but also assist in aerodynamics so help control drag and slips and make you feel more confident while driving because you know your car will be with you at every point. Don’t lose grip and you will be the winner

Plastic bodykits are no doubt more strong, long lasting and durable but they are hell expensive and at times extremely unaffordable that you can buy same bodykit 10 times in fiber. Finishing in plastic bodykits is more perfect and also there fitting is easy because they comes in with clips so dont require too many screws to install them

Fiber bodykits are cheaper and comes in more design due to local production and customisation available so brings in more uniqueness. They are easily available at many shops and can be made in a short period of time and due to exact copy of plastic designs many of our customer prefer to buy fiber bodykiyd because it is at affordable price. Also with good paint they give finishing just like plastic kit and make it difficult to find either it is fiber or plastic from distance.

Why Buy Bodykits from JDM Car Mart?

JDM Car Mart bodykits are defination of how a perfect fiberglass bodykit should look like. They are made up of triple layer and have strength to withstand huge stress and smashes. They are not easily breakable and with potein layer they add to final finishing of product. Sample picture of how our bodykit is delivered to customers is also attached. 

Honda Civic 2006- 2012 Reborn Bodykit

Seconly, we are the manufacturer of fiber bodyits in pakistan and we supply bodykits at wholesale price to shopkeepers all over Paksiatn and so there are chances that bodykit you are purchasing from others was made by us so why not buy from orignal manufacturer at much lower price.

Our USP is our customer service. We stay in touch with our customer even after product is sold to make sure that if they face any issue we are the first to reach them and solve it from them and this has enabled us to have 100% Satisfied Customers. We also accept return and exchange on genuine reasons due to whih our customers always trust us and always prefer and recommend us to others.

Our Bodykits are Proudly Made in Pakistan

We hope you find this article helpful and it clears out your all doubts regarding bodykits. JDM Car Mart is one stop car modification accessories shop which offers delivery all over Pakistan and also has a retail outlet in rawalpindi. Get bodykit for your car from JDM Car Mart today and transform into what you have always imagined

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